Season One

Season 1 | Ep. 1: Spring Break

Zo and Abney raise money for their college senior Spring Break trip.

Season 1 | Ep 2: Dressing the Part

The girls search for an apartment to move into in their senior year at NYU.

Season 1 l Ep 3: Sam Turns… Umm, 21?

On her 21st birthday, Sam vows to have the best night of her life.

Season 1 | Ep. 4: Prada Cakes

Alex becomes a drug lord on campus after discovering a unique talent with baking.

Season 1 | Ep 5: A Star is Born

Abney books a music video project in NYC.

Season 1 | Ep 6: Race to the Flop

Zo enters an NYU R.A. charity marathon in attempts to use the R.A. floor prize money for herself.

Season 1 | Ep 7: Behind Door #1

Alex gets a surprise visit from her parents.

Season 1 | Ep 8: Just Got to Fake It

Sam steps in to save a fashion shoot gone wrong at her internship.