Season Two

Season 2 I Episode 1: The Inception

To raise money to launch their own tech start up, four NYU grads turn their downtown NYC apartment into a lucrative nightclub.

Season 2 I Episode 2: We Poppin Bottles

After finding an app developer, Sam pours her heart out to a very drunk older woman, meanwhile Zo gets into an altercation when bottle service goes wrong.

Season 2 I Episode 3: One Word: Drugs

Things go haywire when the girls decide to sell vitamins disguised as “molly”, and Sam refuses to let her little sister into the club.

Season 2 I Episode 4: Dancers!

Abney ups the ante with a burlesque performance while Alex discovers shocking news about her family’s wealth.

Season 2 I Episode 5: WAIT, WHAT?

The girls backtrack their night filled with twists and turns, after discovering they’ve been robbed of everything.